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Causes and brands alike flock to event marketing. Why?

In today’s crowded brand marketplace and state of media over-saturation … one thing remains constant: people seek connection and welcome unique experiences.

Event marketing takes the power of shared interest, and desire for connection – into parks, concert halls and stadiums – uniting people around their common interests and passions. Whether music, fashion, sports, people like to engage in their favorite activities together.

Events are the platform to do this. Local media in particular has a strong role to play here – as providers of 24-7 entertainment, local media understands how to create compelling content that draws and engages an audience.

Once shared interest draws a crowd – effective event marketers create a meaningful shared experience. As simple as a ‘kiss cam’ at a ball game, to clever ‘design your own Oreo’ at a festival to the glam Maybelline Beauty Bar at Circle of Sisters, the purpose is to create a moment where the audience experiences the brand in a unique and memorable way.

Shared response follows. People tweet, post, upload photos and videos… they text their support, buy products and build brand love.

That’s what makes event marketing effective ~ shared interest, shared experience and shared response. Getting these things right results in fun experiences for people and significant impact for brands.

Curious how this could work for you? Let us help.

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