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Radio Sparks Conversation to Unite Our Communities

In light of the many recent events impacting our communities, at home and abroad, one can feel powerless in response – troubled and unsure of what to do or how to help in response to the devastation and tragic loss of life.


Domesticallly, our communities – NYC, Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, Dallas – are all reeling in the wake of recent police / community violence. In all instances, talking – grieving, sharing, listening, hearing – can help healing. A little communication can go a long way.


Local radio, the hub of dialogue, local happenings and collective conversation, is the voice for community connection. Last week, Emmis New York’s HOT 97, WBLS and WLIB stopped the music to share in #onevoice of conversation – a live, town hall-style discussion hosted by Ebro Darden and Lisa Evers.  With the radio brands' audiences, Ebro and Lisa encouraged NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton, NYC Mayor's Office Commissioner of Community Affairs, Marco Carrion, Former NYPD Leuitenant and Criminal Justice Professor, Dr. Darrin Porcher, and other guests to dive more deeply into the issue of community / police relations to inform and inspire toward taking powerful, positive action. 


You can watch video event here: .  


Listen to one another, hear your neighbor, share your thoughts, join the conversion of #onevoice to unite our communities and restore police / community relations. The only thing that allows evil to exist, is when good people stand by and do nothing. 


I am thankful for the unprecedented over-the-air and digital broadcast, the outpouring of dialogue, the positive action already unfolding, and each of you for joining in the movement for good! 

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