Sarah Harris, Founder and Vice President 
Austin, Texas

Sarah leads the growth and strategic direction of Incite, overseeing all five Incite offices in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, St. Louis and Indianapolis. Her work is dedicated to forging corporate-community alliances and developing partnerships that use marketing for good. Sarah serves as the strategic advisor on nearly all Incite campaigns to ensure client goals are routinely exceeded. Her experience in public health outreach and education includes leading social impact marketing campaigns for clients such as The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, Seton Hospital and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

What charity or cause are you personally passionate about and why?

I care about education and women and girls around the globe. I found a real trifecta in Missions of Hope . They serve families in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya through health outreach and education.  Not only do they help girls in the developing world through education, they are working in the same city that ignited the passion of service within my sister years ago. Now, I am honored to carry on her legacy through service to these same people on the far corners of the globe.

When you are not working, what kinds of things do you like doing?

I love traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new places.  I also enjoy running – especially on beautiful trails through fantastic parks.  One of my favorite things is thoughtful conversation over great wine.

Why is making a difference in people’s lives important to you?

I genuinely enjoy helping people and changing hearts and minds.  I believe in the power of one to change the world.  I don’t think we have a resource challenge.  It’s a people challenge – getting us to all work together, in a common direction, for collective good.  That’s the challenge, and that’s why I believe that people, one at a time or at large – via their hearts and minds – are the key to changing the world.  This is why helping people matters so much to me.