Tonisha Nicholls Bio

Tonisha NichollsTonisha "Toni" Nicholls

Director of Business Development - Healthcare
New York, New York


Toni brings unique healthcare expertise to Incite. Toni understands the complex issues in the healthcare industry because she has worked closely with providers, corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, and elected officials to improve awareness and health outcomes in the community. Toni has successfully created and executed strategies for patient acquisition and retention, rebranding, and increasing profit while improving public health. She is frequently sought out for her targeted solutions that engage the community to take action.

What charity or cause are you personally passionate about and why?

I support charities that provide people with the tools they need to lift themselves out of poverty. I recently organized back-to-school drives that provided children from low-income families with book bags and school supplies. Next year, I will be extending the initiative to children abroad. I have worked with prison reentry programs, food drives, job/attitude training, community health education initiatives, and academic afterschool programs. I have also connected physicians, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners to boarding homes to provide much-needed care for residents.

What is the coolest concert you have ever attended and why?

My best friend’s parents gifted us with a limousine ride and front row tickets to a Nelly concert. It was a Cinderella moment for me. I remember a lot of screaming, jumping, and terrible attempts to rap along to “Hot in Herre.” My friend’s mom was afraid of the height of the stairs, so the staff allowed her to take the crew elevator and watch from the side of the stage. After the concert, she described how the sweetest young man with a Band-Aid on his cheek helped her up the stage steps. My friend’s face when she found out that her parents met Nelly backstage while we were jumping in our seats - priceless!

What do you like most about working at Incite?

Incite allows me to reach people that other platforms have difficulty accessing and engaging. The Hot97, WBLS and WLIB brands are legendary and have the creative skill to craft original, compelling, relatable stories that change the conversation and behaviors. When our brands speak on social media, web, and on-air – people pay attention and talk back to us. Coming from a hospital setting, I was blown away by the analytic capability of the digital team and the level of listener engagement with our campaigns. I am so grateful to work with people who see that a better world is within our grasp and have the tools to make that world a reality.

Why is making a difference in people’s lives important to you?

Imagine how beautiful life would be if we all made an effort to leave this world a little better than it was when we entered it. A better world is possible and making a difference in people's lives is essential to creating it.